Tender Strands
Tender Strands

Season 1, Episode · 7 months ago

TS CH14 The Baron and the Crocodile People


The Baron describes his encounter with the Crocodile People.

Tender Strands by Martin Dempsey, chapter fourteen, baron Malonkorn's narrative of his marvelous tales and his amazing battles with the crocodile people. Indeed, as I have spoken of countless times, it is the case that men and they're far but inferior. M Yes, companions, women are but one of the many types of being which have perfected mathematics, the natural philosophy is commerce, war, art and all its forms. Soon, I powerfully believe, this truth will fairly reach mass acceptance and a war against all other creatures capable of posing a threat to our apparently recent and potentially short lived dominance over this our globe. I have pondered if, in order to prevent other creatures from getting ideas above their station, a mass program of extermination might be in order. MMM,...

I mark with approval the treatment of the Bison in the colonies, the whales in the northern seas and other mass putting down of what may have sometime conceivably proved to be our competitors. If only I could convince our local authorities to resume the suppression of cats in the manner we once did as a matter of course, these loaves from interlopers on our societies have quite a strong hold in the lands of slumber and which rivals and even eclipses our own in places, and I feel sure they're heughy airs and graces are preludes to an attempted a mass revolting the waking world. I have, I'm proud to say, done my part to ensure the supremacy of the wisestate, not the Whitest, by engaging in more than my fair share of Siry and also in leading calls against non human societies which lurk in the wilder and more occulted religions of the earth wherever possible. And now. One such exploit involved my taking on, almost...

...singlehandedly mind for forty, no less, of the foul crocodile people, equally revered and reviled along the banks of denial. I surely cannot escape your pondering how it was at such a backward dead end of align of degenerates as found in the darkest constants, were able to produce such marvels of building works as stonemasonry. I'm afraid the answers very simple. They were as in keeping with their naturally servile disposition, servants of the sore on near human share of crocodile people which still walk around. It is very day HMM. It wasn't until I had begun my practice of wearing lens its crafted by my own hands, results of my interest, a lapidatory which had further ignited in the rare, exquisite examples I could acquire in the desert, as long as one have the money, in the taste of violence and required to procure them. And that I realize that these crocodile people use some form of dust combined with, perhaps...

...they're a natural mosque, or perhaps an innate ability to alder the pigmentations, their scale and in the manner of some smaller thesards, to pass as humans, as I myself has passed at times as a member of other higher species. It was a during an evening of dancing girls, dates and she's and wine, that I first placed my sky and glasses over my eyes and the company of some of the tribal wanderers, my company of men were accustomed to bartering and celebrating with, due to the increased sensitivity my eyes had acquired for a long day out in the sun on the dunes, instructing gang leaders on the finer points of flogging. HMM, a putcher back into placing these rather finely crafted and complementary he says, on myself, spectacles upon my face. I was shocked, shocked to see that many of the elders of workmen and even a couple of the dancing girls were in fact the odious lizard headed monsters...

...often depicted in the primitive works of the pyramids themselves. Immediately, the missing company, mask US horses and even the apparent deserters all made sense to me. I should, of course, realized something was up when a company mine even had deserters. I mean no man who knew of my reputation or spend more than a few hours in my presence would dare, dare to make an enemy of me without killing me first. Remaining calm, I mastered up my most trusted men. This is the same the most mercenary and desperate. I found both the insane and the hardened criminal the ideal traveling companion. I given my own taste in a particular brand of exploit. As a small group recorded each of these preening, over confident creatures. You invited them to a small private exchange such as a game of cards, really suggested that one of the more of them are company myself or some other equally youthfully appearing and an assuming fellow alone, where, no doubt they believe they would find easy prey.

Now any cut of the chase by saying that, soon after the night of scales, as I liked referred to it, as my entire company found itself equipped with new snake skins at alls, and the tribes of the up and now treated myself and my brand and marry men with a new found air of respect.

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