Tender Strands
Tender Strands

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Conciquences start to accrue. 

Tender Strands by Martin Dempsey, ChapterTwenty sheet. Oh, while I have you, precious raised her hand andwaved a carol. Someone else wanted to put another missing post to here.We've been getting so many lately. Cavil, who've been trying to sneak past beforehe got dragged into something froze. He made a sound as if tryingto talk, but his throat betrayed him. He cleared it and tried again.Children. Sorry, precious, look mercifully confused. Missing, missing children. CALVOL's voice sounded drying and usually low. No, dogs mostly. CAVIL's headdropped forwards to be lift it back up quickly. With a sudden heightenedbreezy cheer from me, he said, of course, if there's room onthe job board. I wonder if the councils been putting poisoned down to people'spetsy getting it. I see foxes every single morning and night around here,but they've been none for weeks now. Or maybe it's cats from the futurecoming back to ensure their extinct precious said in the humorous tone she's expecting arejoinder. The caval kept walking slowly, rubbing his arm just above the elbow. His movement seemed unusually slow and deliberates, almost like you were sleepwalking. Youcan head out early tonight, Cavil said, as he walked and rubbed. And time stand for a full shift. I'm planning to go through some paperworktonight, so I'll be here. It's always quiet on a Tuesday anyway. I'll say goodbye now and when you head out, just lock the doorand put the ring buzzer sign up before you leave, please. Oh,okay, great, thank you. Precious. Won't surprised, and she'd half beenhoping he would let her out early, as you often did, when hewas working a shift last Christmas Eve, the only one she'd worked at theso far at the company. He'd only kept it there long enough tounrupt the present he godder and use the work fund to call her relatives abroad. Precious sometimes reflected have a business managed... turn a profit at all,given the way cavil ran it more as a hobby than it is an enterprise, which gave for a sense of unease. But she'd heard enough to never askand comfortable questions unless you already knew the answer was one she wanted tohear. Cavil was such a good guy, however, but even if he wasmixed up in anything and savory, she gave him a pass. Easyon the eyes, who? But she's also seen enough not to push anyof that on a good employer. Cavil entered his office and sat back inhis well upholstered fo Lever Office chair. He did work hard on accounts andbills and cleared all the pending red tape, including a couple of pastoral tasks,such as writing up internship recommendations for the children of a couple of hisdrivers. The young people in question, the young lady by one and ayoung man by another, had in reality done very little other than to helpwith a few marketing calls and give the outside of the garage and lick ofpaint. However, in the university recommendations here it he personally guaranteed that they'dlocated new havenue streams, streamline several operational issues and source cheaper supply lines,and was willing to go so far as to manufacturing evidence to back of theclaims up, if you've been asked. Once he held pressures had left,he made his way to the entrance area to silently would get safely to hercar from the window, before we turning back to his office, where herolled himself a very generous bliff of cannis cannabis and low cavelder a deep lungfuluntilted his chair back as far as it went. The habitual cannabis user sincehis early teens, cavil has begun to favor low above even it. Cannabismade him feel like he was a very young teenager and they just finished aroundof exams and a new couple of video games to play and the whole weekclear of his mother at work. Low, however, made him feel like hewas a character in one of those games, as if his life wasa simple sequence of logical puzzles to solve, predictable dialog options, fetch quests,and all one had to do was enjoy the experience. It was simultaneouslyempowering on a personal level while allowing him...

...not to take anything seriously. Thewhole of reality was manly a simulation he could minimax or even hack. Cavildozed the debris of his mind from the day, the facts and numbers,the interactions and plans, slowly washed away by waves of fatigue and the drugs. unpicked the logical connections until it was all a jumble of impressions. Beforehe could sink too deeply and feel the fine drop of sleep, however,a tickle on his face slowly drew him for the layers of consciousness, asif a thin line of thread was attached to a fishhook piercing his cheek andhe was a catch being reeled in. Cavel opened his eyes to look directlyinto two pitch black, reflective, thickly last hard oval gems of INSEA.Coward didn't start. He was used to being woken up by her this way. Often she wanted to be fed, was simply beheld and have her backfeathers ruffled until she started snoring. This time, however, there was astillness and intent which caught his attention. He reached up to her back,she was half in his chest and half on the desk top, and strokedher. She didn't respond like she huguely did, by snuffling, clacking andraising and dropping her pun something was wrong in see, she seemed to havedraw her thangs further under her mask. The effect was to press the knucklesof a fence together giving the impression of purse Lower Lips. Then they quiveredin unison. Cavl was very unfamiliar. was was very familar. Without theyshuffle when she and the others were hungry excited. But this was different.In See, she retreated backwards, paused on his desk, then turned andscuttled towards the rear entrance of his office, pausing by the door and clacking halffangs. Only once caval got up, brushing ash from the front of hisknitty jumper, the rolled cigaret right resting in the ashtray on his deskalmost burned to a sub he crossed the door and opened it and in sescuttled right out across the shop, under...

...several of the cabs and over tothe pit, where she raised one leg staring at him. In See,she seemed to wait until it was headed over to her. Then she's scuttledonto him. CAV On you, they were usually down there where the buildingcellar was. Formerly, prior to the changes he made the building, itwas the bar seller, then a storage area. Now was mostly abandoned spacebecause setting of several bare rooms with walls coated in smooth gray cement. Doorentered this without doors or frames, rough concrete floors, dusty and stale smelling. They're also UV lights and several plant pots filled with loud. But cavalhad found loud to be so virulent they could grow in complete darkness. Cavilopen the pit by flicking the plastic coating release button and the Yellow and blackpainted elevator lowered and cavil climb down. He can see where INS had gone. He ducked his head down and set off the pits, cage half poppingto cushion the drop. You need to climb back up and out. Onceit had been installed, caval he used to lift to act as a cellar. There was an old trade or somewhere, but it'd been so long as heused that he couldn't remember if you needed a key or if it wasa bolt. He blinked, trying to get his eyes accustomed to the absenceof light. Suddenly something flickered on across from Carol Ferry Lights, and thelit up and flashed to drink. Old little white bright pinpoints cast light ina pool which didn't like the whole cellar, for which lit one area quite effectively. They were draped around one of the empty double doorways and it's Cavil'seyes adapted, he realized there not attached to nails or taped to the wall. They were hanging in a perfect cobweb, and in the center are buckles atthe light, showing off his slate abdomen. Caval drew near and wonderwas this what ins he wanted to show him? CAVAL during a breath toexpress his admiration, which was going to exaggerate for the sake of our bucklesfeelings. When he noted arbuckle's expression, he didn't look proud and excited ashe usually did whenever his web called carefuls attention. He looked down cast and, as Caval drew near, arbuckle did...

...something you never done before. Hereached out to front legs in the same way ins he did when she wantedto be held covered an autopilot. Returned the gesture and found himself holding herbuckle, his ever bulging lips, which could barely contain his fangs, asif it was cursed with poorly fitting braces, drooling on his shoulder. Carol lightlyrocked arbuckle again on autopilot and looked around a confusion and it is corner. So I was staring at him from the bottom of a massive static whirlwindof flossy white which formed a column directly under the Metal Ray doors. It'sever sleepy face see, even more crumpled than usual, is upper lip workingcorner to then scampered out of the cloudy Fluffy Mouse. The contrast between thetrooping face and the rest of his body is startling. As always, cornetwill run over quickly, whimpering as he did, and partially climbed cowl's leg, stopping at the thigh and wrapping his legs on his upper leg and buryinghis face, uncomfortably for Cavil, into his groin. Cattle reached down tostroke on it as head and awkwardly and with some force, to turn hisface to the side, so his cheek was against his hip. He feltcorner. His face was streaming of tears. Guys, what's Cavil pivoted, alarmed, now still mostly blind in the dark, the fairy lights underlying thisunreality of the situation, something landed heavy on his back. Looking him apace forward, cavile recognize what it was immediately. It was a whinsy,whereas cattle would usually be annoyed over the hundredth time tell him not to dothat. When she's harsh racking sobs, the cattle could feel vibrating for hisfour acts against his back a chastising him impossible. Camel tried to tack ahand behind his back to which way wins he was, but it was onlyto cut his spinners. With his sobs immediately released and increased in depth andpersistence, caval was now having trouble standing up about from in see, withthe size of a good sized cat, the average side of the others wasat least out of a Labrador or a...

...child of about ten years old.Arbocle squeeze so hard he can get a full breath and CONNECI his position meanthe had help open his legs wide and wattle and arbuckle was heaving right inhis ear and his breath smelt terrible like old pennies. Carol CONTORT and attemptto Jiggle up and down his toes provide some kind of rocking in a veinattempted conversation this. It's okay, guys, it's okay, it's okay. Iwill try to think of something else. To say something else from the playersof comforting things. I'm here. Carol heard a hiss and something pressagainst his left car looking down, trying to see around arbuckle's bulk cavel,saw city is red splash in the dark. She was pressing herself against his leg. She done this before and covered always were simply reminded her to begood, Pattita, and then pushed her away with his foot. This time, you let her be. Something was wrong, very wrong. He'd neverseen them back this way in this this is soft lisp sounded from the otherside of the pit. Stray catl lumbered over, taking swinging steps, tryingto simultaneously bounce and cradle his passengers, or allowing city to keep pressed againsthis calf. The sobs and nozzles continued as he may wait awkwardly around theother side of the dray. Ince he was there, the fairy lights flickeringoff, her blue and purple feathers finding new colors of Turquoise, peach,black, pink, Yellow and green. She's skittered side to side, andthen we drew to the left as cavern approached and he saw judy. Judywas laying flat on her stomach. Her legs plade completely out, several ofthem stuck out odd angles and one was nearly missing. One side of herhead was completely caved in, one of a shower light torn and twisted,hanging on a thread of sin hair, and one of the human eyes wasnow replace of a bloody pit. The heavy scent of copper and saliva hungaround her, her one remaining human eye.

And look at him. There wasterror and pain in it. CAVL that out of noise, somewhere betweena GROAN and a sob ar buckles screen, cried cornetto rubbed his face against cavilsfly. So he climbed up to his knee. One of wins hislegs wrap completely around his cavl's neck and one of the hooks of his poorbrushed carols are lobe in. As he turned her head to look at him, at yours opening and closing, he understood she was asking if there's anythinghe could do. Cavil move closer and slowly knelt down, the fabric aroundhis knees soaking up the black blood. His passengers slowly, reluctantly climbed downoff him. As he did. They formed a circle around him, pressingagainst him, faces robbing themselves against his torso, taking deep snuffling breaths asif seeking comfort in his scent. In see moved to sit by beside him. CAVAL reached out of hands and Stony Cuteddu his head. She immediately gavehis hand its weight and Cavo's thumb stroked her one good Fang. A bubbleof blood formed from the crack in the top of her head and popped.Judy's good eye seemed to lose focus for a moment, then refocused to seekcavel. Her legs trembled. caval bent forward at the waist and got closerher. It's Hoquey, he whispered. Julian cavel's eyes met for the lasttime and her remaining human eye slowly unfocused and rolled into the back of herhead. Her Good Fang shivered and then relaxed and they limped against his hand. has also rose and sunk for a last time and she went completely limp. CALVAL's chest rose and fell in deep...

...sobs in sea, raised both herfore legs and let at her slow, deep lisping Hiss when sea cornette onarbuckle all started crying and sobbing again and again, clung the cavel. Sohe turned away and buried her face into the floor. After what seemed likean age, caveal stiffly stood up. His face woke with tears. Hischarges moved slowly away from him, allowing him to stand. When Sea andin Sea cuddled up together, arbuckle such to take small steps, his movingtracing a small cobway pattern in the floor. So he moved into the shadows andpressed herself against a wall, casting a shadow the shape of a scaredcat. Cornetto just bundled his legs onto him and said, looking awkward andexposed and slightly embarrassed, cavil felt the earth still sobbing again before it againstit. He brushed his hands against his thighs and pull the cloth of hisjeopins away from his knees. Thoughts and plans started to fill his mind.He couldn't leave her hair. She'd start to smell even worse and attract attention. You get a top, put her in the boot of a cab,drive out to the park, give her a proper burial. Carol Sarch thecast about for lights which, seeming to remember that they've been led to tellhere somewhere. Thank you, and see, whispered. Carol turned towards her.She was now selling. Apart from and see, looking up at him, cable's mouth formed a question. Thank you, Alfa. A less wasless pronounced this time. The statement pointed. The others cries and sobbed slowed andone by one they turned to look at him. Afa. Thank you. Carol suddenly felt awkward. I cavil turn to look at the dray.I could cavil back towards it, away...

...from the multitude of staring eyes.Surely they can blame him for not helping her? Now that wasn't it?Calla become quite adapted intuity what his charges wanted or felt, and he wasn'tpicking up incrimination. They wanted to be alone. Now, able to tearhis gaze completely away from the scene, Kevil backed up until he could perchon and then swing his legs onto the dray. As he stood, theothers, all apart from and see, formed a circle around you. Justbody. Cavill flick the switch which slowly raised the cage upwards into the garage'smain level. As he was lifted up and away in as he turned andraise her full legs up. Just as his view was intercepted by the cementfloor of the garage, cavel saw instea drop her arms as if giving asignal, and immediately every one of them flicked their shown out in an instantand surged forwards as the lift continue to rise, cutting him off from them. Cavil pressed his palms over his ears to close out the clacking, theslurping, the humming, the purring, the clack clack clack clack clack clackclack clacking. Dream journal September. The twenty see and storm sounds. Tannisvote together, CBD edibles, five htp times two doses and ssris Yoga sessionfor ninety minutes, cold water therapy for thirty. I dreamt I was ina lifeboat with nine other people all round us. I could hear their drowningscreaming and spluttering. We should return to save them, said the one wearinga trench coat. We should figure out our coordinates to best understand where weare, said the one wearing round glasses. We should return to rescue the children, said the woman in a dress.

We should row away from the crowdbefore we swarmed, said the Pale man in the periwig and blue dresstails. Four of the remaining five turned of exchanged glances. The one waswearing a priestly collar, the one wearing an admiral's uniform, the young pregnantwoman the one in the Butler's uniform all exchanged glances. Finally, the Butler'seyes turned the gaze upon his rich employer, who lay passed out, runk onthe floor of the boat. The Butler started to stomp his feet left, right, left, right, again and again, on the border thebottoms of the boat. Soon the other four joined in right, left,right, left, faster and faster, harder and harder, louder and louder. Despite the cries of warning from the others, the four kept stamping asif the boards, even as they splintered and the cold water came rushing upfrom below, and as the lifeboat broke up and sank. The drunkard wokeand sat up, opened his mouth to scream, just in time to swallowa mouthful a freezing sea water.

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