Tender Strands
Tender Strands

Season 1, Episode · 7 months ago

TS CH4 Moon Cattle


The Baron visits the moon. 

Tender strands by Martin Timese. Chapter Four Baron Malan Kron's narrative of his marvelous travels and his encounters with the moon cattle. It was around the time that I was actually as a spy for the empire to facilitate the undermining of the colonies attempt to gain their riasonable independence, as if any connection of swamp land with almost no natural resources and which only needs to object to a tax on tea because they can't grow that down down, could ever be independent, that I took my first opportunity to ride in one of the mongolows engineers. Naturally, I was short and not a long while I was given what I assumed was the customery lecture about sand bags, venting hot hair, avoiding storm clouds and so both. But as soon as I was off the ground, my natural design from eventually became here, as it so often does. A copilt, however, was a far more conservative fellow, clearly of a low birth, so I decided to encourage him to embrace the thrill of life by seeing...

...if he could survive a fall into the river from over a hundred feet. The sudden lightning of the machines of basket that the entire contraction to shoot upwards at an accelerated rate, the air thin that I found myself quite giddy at the thrill of it all, so I decided to sit down and take a little nap. When I awoke, I found the balloon had made its way to the moon. There I spent quite a while, at least a handful of earth rises, wandering the dunes and paying careful attention to the activities of the amorphous white cattle that I believe are the native creatures of the Lunar Service. They lived lives of luxury, spending their time copulating, fighting, howling of the earth and feasting. They were tended to hand on flabby poor by a race of fawnlike little wiry creatures I believe to be somewhere between a monkey and a goat. I captured a few, not only to feed off and... set by my aphroditic needs between terrogators. The culture of the Moon Cattle and the moon forms and then formed me under duress. Admittedly, the cattle creatures are quite a sophisticated system for acquiring these slaves, which revolved around establishing and propping up a week leader of the moon forms in their native lands and encouraging them to capture potential slaves which the moon cattle would then purchase. This innovative and perfectly mutually beneficial means of acquiring the life of luxury state of me, even as I acquired enough moonform skins to repair my balloon and enough of their fat to power my lamp, to raise my Mond Golfer engine back to view and to return to Earth. Once back on good old terror Firma, I did my best to spread these trade insights as a mean to facilitate the noble institution of slavery, with what proved to be great effect.

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